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Hasan, H. M., Meloche, J. A., Pfaff, C. & Willis, D. (2007). Beyond Ubiquity: Beyond ubiquity: co-creating corporate knowledge with a Wiki. International Conference on Mobile Ubiquitous Computing, Systems, Services and Technologies (pp. 1-6). USA: IEEE Inc..


Despite their reputation as an evolving shared knowledge repository, Wikis are often treated with suspicion in organizations for management, social and legal reasons. Following studies of unsuccessful Wiki projects, a field study was undertaken of a corporate Wiki that has been developed to capture, and make available, organizational knowledge for a large manufacturing company as an initiative of their Knowledge Management program. A Q Methodology research approach was selected to uncover employees subjective attitudes to the Wiki so that the firm could more fully exploit the potential of the Wiki as a ubiquitous tool for tacit knowledge management.



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