Young adult consumers' media usage and online purchase likelihood



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Jordaan, Y. & Ehlers, L. (2009). Young adult consumers'' media usage and online purchase likelihood. Journal of Family Ecology and Consumer Sciences, 37, 24-34.


Young adult consumers have grown up with computers, with a resultant overspill in new media applications such as the internet, email, blogging, twitter and social networks. In view of this, marketers have to ensure that they understand these consumers’ wants and needs and are knowledgeable on how to get their messages across to them. The objectives of the study are to establish the media usage of traditional versus new media, as well as the usage of internet versus print media. The study also aims to determine whether online purchasers will show increased likelihood to purchase online and whether online purchasing will appeal more to males or females. The target audience included students between 18 and 24 years at one of South Africa’s largest residential universities. Convenience sampling resulted in 1 298 completed questionnaires. The results indicate that young adult consumers use new media more frequently than traditional media. Respondents with online shopping experience displayed a higher online purchasing likelihood than those who have not used this medium before. Male consumers are more likely to purchase online than their female counterparts. The study emphasises the importance of understanding the role of media in building an effective communication platform to meet the changing needs and desires of young adult consumers.

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