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Zach, F., Gretzel, U. & Xiang, Z. (2010). Innovation in the web marketing programs of American convention and visitor bureaus. Journal of Information Technology and Tourism, 12 (1), 47-63.


It is generally acknowledged that innovation is an important source for competitive advantage among tourism destinations. The goal of this study was to identify and assess the nature of innovation by American convention and visitors bureaus. In particular, this study examined the extent, timeliness, and continuity of innovation in Web marketing efforts and the perceived contribution of this investment to the overall success of the bureau's Web marketing program. The findings indicate that American convention and visitor bureaus have invested substantially in their websites and continue redesigning them as new technology and Web marketing trends emerge. However, it appears that there is a substantial gap between bureau investments in innovative website features and related activities and their perceived contribution to overall Web marketing success.



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