Northerners counting black elephants: on safari with Live 8 and G 8



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Rudkin, K. M. & Cooper, K. A. (2007). Northerners counting black elephants: on safari with Live 8 and G 8. APIRA 2007 - Auckland (pp. 1-21). Auckland: APIRA.


Purpose - To demonstrate the inadequacy of traditional concepts of accountability and corporate governance for global gifting relationships, as exemplified in the Live 8 and G 8 events. An alternative construct of value in exchange is proposed. Design / Methodology / Approach - A discussion paper using a literature based analysis and critique. Findings - Accounting avoids social responsibility by denying culturally determined legitimate meanings of value other than those constructed from an economic perspective. New accountability and corporate governance mechanisms are needed for donor/recipient relationships. Research limitatations / Implications - The arguments advanced should be further explored in alternate empirical instances, and examined in alternate cultural contexts to give a greater depth of understanding. Originality/ value - The paper calls into question the adequacy of accountability concepts in a globalized environment. The paper is a unique contribution to the literature in is application of gifting theory and Baudrillard's theory of simulacra to not for profit and public sector institutions.

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