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This conference paper was originally published as Ait El Houssi, A, Morel, KPN and Hultink, EJ, in Saren, M and Wilson, A (eds), The effectiveness of true analogies for consumer learning of really new products, Proceedings of the 32nd EMAC Conference, Glasgow, Scotland, 20-23 May 2003.


Recent research has suggested that analogies may be useful to enhance consumer learning of really new products (RNPs). However, these studies have failed to show convincingly that analogies enhance consumers’ comprehension of RNPs as their operationalisation of analogies does not represent a “true” analogy. Besides, they examined the interaction effects of numerous moderators without showing the existence of a main effect first. Hence, it remains unclear what the effectiveness of analogies for consumer learning of RNPs truly is. It is the aim of the present study to fill this void by means of an experiment in which consumers evaluate product descriptions of three RNPs containing either an analogy or no analogy.