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Fernandes, C. & Awamleh, R. (2005). Empirical Investigation of Internet Banking in the UAE: Bank adoption levels in the context of customer satisfaction and influencers of adoption among potential users (WP). In E. Morgan & F. Fai (Eds.), Innovation, Change and Competition in International Business Proceedings (pp. 1-26). Bath, UK: University of Bath.


This study evaluates websites of foreign and local banks in the United Arab Emirates and through a survey of users ascertains factors that influence customer satisfaction of the internet banking service. In addition, determinants of potential users intentions are examined. It is shown that although the banking sector in the UAE is a regional leader, internet banking in the UAE is yet to be properly utilized as a real added value tool to improve customer relationship and to attain cost advantages. To identify factors influencing satisfaction of internet banking customers, data was collected from internet banking users and potential users in the United Arab Emirates. To examine the data, factor analyses and multiple regression analyses were conducted. It was revealed that convenience and security of internet banking transactions have a significant impact on satisfaction. The effects of age, gender, number of years as an internet banking user were also explored. Security of internet banking transactions was significant for those using internet banking for more than two years, while not for others. Perceived risk is major influencer of potential users' intention to adopt, subjective norms and income are also major determinants. Implications of results were discussed, and future research directions outlined.