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Borya Orkhontuul, Tsend-Ayush Battsetseg, Tserenbaljir Serchmaa, Ulziibayar Oyunkhuu, Natsagdorj Zulaa and Udanbor Batsanaa, Open-pit mining auto transport data processing, Proceedings of the 2024 Resource Operators Conference, University of Wollongong - Mining Engineering, February 2024, 360-367.


Increasing the efficiency of mining dump trucks is impossible without a scientific assessment of the level of organization of quarry technological processes, operating conditions and quality indicators. To evaluate the operational parameters of dump trucks for the open-pit mining of Erdenet Mining Corporation of Mongolia, the statistics derived from the cycling of six selected machines with different technical conditions, transporting to the processing plant and low-grade waste dump in summer and winter, were processed. The operating parameters of the six trucks which were measured and studied along the direction selected to fully represent the entire route of the mine, vary widely. The initial data of the PITRAM were unordered and according to the first data, the start and end times of a full cycle were calculated using the corresponding values of subsequent data, the amount of fuel consumed in one complete cycle and the cycle time duration of one complete route. Factors are taken into account and a new large dataset is created to evaluate the operating parameters of dump trucks.