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Kent McTyer, Practical evaluation of the impact of resin curing time on rock bolt load transfer, Proceedings of the 2023 Resource Operators Conference, University of Wollongong - Mining Engineering, February 2023, 205-211.


The use of resin anchored rock bolts is an established means of reinforcing the roof and sides of underground mines and tunnels. However, the installation method requires rigor on the part of bolting equipment operators to achieve the optimum outcome. One such factor – resin curing time – has long been thought to influence the efficacy of the installed bolt. The efficacy is ultimately measured by the load transfer of the rock-resin-bolt bond. This study discusses the results of testing of pre-tensioned resin-anchored rock bolts. This was achieved using full-scale resin bolts installed into vertical grout-filled steel test pipes on a surface drill rig with the finished bolts then cut into sections and load transfer measured using the push-test method. The key parameter investigated was the influence of resin curing time prior to the application of pre-tension. The results confirm that the degree of curing influences load transfer. This outcome confirms that both resin type, and site-specific conditions, should be evaluated and then incorporated into the bolt installation guidance provided to bolting operators.