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Petr Waclawik, Radovan Kukutsch, Kristyna Schuchova, Jan Nemcik, Andrzej Walentek, Aleksander Wrana, Sahendra Ram and Jiri Korbel, Deformation analysis in the surroundings of the roadway ahead of longwall mining, Staszic-Wujek mine, Poland, Proceedings of the 2023 Resource Operators Conference, University of Wollongong - Mining Engineering, February 2023, 36-51.


Accurate knowledge of the stress-strain state in rock mass is absolutely critical to optimise support design. Therefore, the rock mass stresses are often measured for reasons of safety and efficiency in underground mining. Investigation of the rock mass stress is usually carried out by interpretation of the rock mass deformation processes. These can be monitored and measured. The compact conical-ended borehole overcoring (CCBO) probe was used to measure the pre-mining full stress tensor and afterwards three compact conical-ended borehole monitoring (CCBM) probes were installed to continuously monitor stress changes in rock mass ahead of the advancing longwall II/501/C mining seam 501 in the Staszic-Wujek coal mine in Poland. The purpose of the monitoring was to quantify changes in stress tensor during the mining process. At the monitoring site the extracted seam had an average thickness of 3.4 m at a depth of about 890 m and lies within the Polish part of the Upper Silesian Coal Basin. The maximum measured stress of 30 MPa was oriented close to horizontal and amost parallel to the monitored roadway. The deformation analysis of roadway was carried out using a pulse 3D laser scanner at the geotechnical station. Due to favourable orientation of the lateral stress, the deformation changes in the roadway surroundings the monitoring station were minimal.