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Naj Aziz, Antoine Schneiderwind, Sina Anzanpour, Saman Khaleghparast, Duncan Best, Travis Marshall, Performance of bolting systems in tension and the integrity of the protective sleeve coating in shear, Proceedings of the 2020 Coal Operators' Conference, University of Wollongong - Mining Engineering, 12-14 February 2020, University of Wollongong, 155-162.


A series of laboratory tests were carried out on sleeved bolt and domed washer plates and nuts to determine; • the tensile strength properties of 24 mm (200 mm core) diameter rock bolts (M24 Bolt), • pull through testing of the bolting system consisting of bolt, domed washer plate and nut integrity, • Integrity of the rock bolt fitted with protective plastic sleeve subjected to shearing. All these tests were carried out on rock bolts and dome washer plates supplied by Dextra / Pretec. Pull testing was carried out in accordance with British Standard (BS 7861.1:2007). It was found that the average strength of tested bolts was 32.5 t, elongation 14.5 %. The maximum dome plate deformation load was in the order of 275 kN. No visible deterioration of the protective plastic sleeves was observed when bolts were sheared for vertical shear displacement of up to 25 mm.