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Basil Beamish, Dave Edwards and Jan Theiler, Implementation of Interactive Spontaneous Combustion Hazard Assessment and Management at Meandu Mine, Proceedings of the 18th Coal Operators' Conference, Mining Engineering, University of Wollongong, 329-335.


Since recording a spontaneous combustion event in-pit at Meandu Mine in 2014 interactive spontaneous combustion hazard assessment and management has been adopted by the mine to eliminate the risk of any future events. This has proved to be very successful due to a diligent and systematic set of management practices that commences with sampling and spontaneous combustion testing of the coal as it is exposed in each new strip at the mine, with feedback of results into the mine planning process through to stockpiling of the coal at the mine and at the Tarong Power Station. The key control in this process is the use of a new test method that quantifies the minimum incubation period for spontaneous combustion to develop under site conditions.