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Vladimir Artemyev and Peter McInally, Improvements in Longwall Technology and Performance in Kuzbass Mines of Suek, Proceedings of the 18th Coal Operators' Conference, Mining Engineering, University of Wollongong,124-133.


SUEK operates ten longwalls in its Kuzbass mines. The area is highly gassy, with low gas permeability that effectively precludes pre-drainage, it has gradients from 5 to 25 degrees, weak roof and floor, and can suffer massive inflows of water into the longwall areas. SUEK has been steadily developing technological solutions, improving equipment, extending face lengths and developing longer panels over the last five years. This is now paying off with extremely high levels of output. In May 2017 one face produced 1.407 Mt saleable, and in July 2017 the same face produced 1.567 Mt. However, producing great volumes of coal is only half the problem.The mines are mostly located 5000-6000 km from the ocean, so transport is a major cost. Access to ports in Russia is also limited. SUEK has been forced to develop holistic solutions through the entire value chain in order to become the leading coal mining company in Russia, and to maintain high levels of output from gassy mines.