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Nikky LaBranche, Emerging Trends in Injuries in the Underground Coal Sector: An Analysis of Queensland Data from 2006-2017, Proceedings of the 18th Coal Operators' Conference, Mining Engineering, University of Wollongong, 7-9 February 2018, 39-47.


This paper analyses the Queensland Mines Inspectorate’s (QMI) Lost Time Injury (LTI) historical data set for underground coalmines. LTI data is reported to the QMI by mine operators on Form 5A. Data discussed includes: injury, body location, worksite location, occurrence class, mechanism of injury, and major equipment involved. Results are presented along with a discussion of contributing factors. Currently published analysis of these injuries only includes the number of injuries of each type. This analysis expands that information to include the severity of the injury (number of days lost and/or days on alternative duties) and the average days away for each type of incident. This analysis also includes cross-references of different data types such as injury types by body location. The analysis includes severity measures for different types of injuries related to the factors collected and drills down deeper into the data than is currently available in existing reports. The value in LTI data comes from analysing the types of incidents occurring and using that information to implement controls that prevents recurrence. This information can inform the Coal Mine Worker (CMW) of additional risks they may not have been aware of, previously the mining companies where controls have failed and the inspectorate where systemic issues are arising.