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Martin Watkinson, Snezana Bajic, Lauren Forrester and Larry Rayn, Operational Considerations for Tube Bundle Gas Monitoring Systems, in Naj Aziz and Bob Kininmonth (eds.), Proceedings of the 16th Coal Operators' Conference, Mining Engineering, University of Wollongong, 10-12 February 2016, 405-417.


Tube bundle gas monitoring systems are now common practice in the Australian underground coal mining industry. Systems are in operation at all underground coal mines in Queensland, all longwall coal mines in New South Wales, and most bord and pillar coal mines in New South Wales. This paper utilises the information assessed by Simtars as part of the project “The Application of Tube Bundle Systems in the Prevention of Mine Fires and Explosions and Post-Event Response”, prepared for the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH), under contract number 200-2013-56949. The operational considerations and decisions required to ensure the optimum operation of the system will be outlined. Installation, maintenance, training requirements, alarm settings and interpretation of the gas results will be taken into account. Practical solutions and explanations will be provided, drawing on Australian and overseas experience, as well as information publicised by the National Coal Board in the United Kingdom and the United States Bureau of Mines (USBM).