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Radovan Kukutsch, Petr Konicek, Petr Waclawik, Jiri Ptacek, Lubomir Stas, Martin Vavro and Alice Hastikova, Stress Measurement in Coal Seam Ahead of Longwall Face – Case Study, 15th Coal Operators' Conference, University of Wollongong, The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy and Mine Managers Association of Australia, 2015, 54-61.


Stress measurement and stress monitoring is an important task in mining geomechanics, because knowledge of the stress-strain state in a rock mass is the determining factor for the proper planning of roadway support and for the correct design of underground mining. This strategy is useful for ensuring mining safety, because increasing depth causes several issues, especially in areas with rockburst hazard, when roadways are loaded by the pressure ahead of an advanced longwall or by the stresses induced by destress blasting in overlying rock. Besides, mining is influenced by stress induced by previous excavations, mining edges in the overburden or abandoned workings in the same seam. The paper presents experiments with Compact Conical-endedBorehole Monitoring (CCBM) probes, which were used for stress monitoring in the area of a high-capacity coal face at Karvina Mine at the Lazy site (Czech Republic). This longwall panel is influenced by all the factors mentioned above. Monitoring of stress changes was carried out by using conical probes (CCBM) glued into a special cement body, which was installed directly into the coal seam. The basic description of the probe installed in the coal, the method of installation and the measurement results are the subject of this contribution. Another aim of the paper is to compare the measured values with the theoretical assumptions and mathematical model results.