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David William Evans, Next generation technology for corrosion protection in ground support elements, 14th Coal Operators' Conference, University of Wollongong, The Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy & Mine Managers Association of Australia, 2014,177-185.


Corrosion in ground support elements remains an important area for industry focus, given the immediate concern for mine safety and operational efficiencies, as well as the hidden cost of longer term rehabilitation work. This paper discusses emerging ‘next generation’ technology within the field of corrosion protection, providing new solutions for specific application areas of ground support product design. Traditionally, anti-corrosion strategies have predominantly focussed upon Hot Dip Galvanising as a common industry solution. However, now complimenting this traditional solution, the more recent technology of Thermal Diffusion Galvanising is gaining interest within the Australian market, providing commercially viable solutions for a number of specific application areas that Hot Dip Galvanising cannot address. Thermal Diffusion Galvanising is an alternative zinc based technology, which offers equivalent cathodic protection to that of Hot Dip Galvanising. Thermal Diffusion Galvanising has a comparatively deeper metallurgical bond to the steel substrate through various zinc-iron alloy layers, offering both increased adhesion and greater surface hardness. Beyond the capabilities of Hot Dip Galvanising, Thermal Diffusion Galvanising has specific applications of interest in high tensile steel grades, coating thickness consistency for threadforms, excellent torque / tension performance and greater flexibility with deformation. Thermal Diffusion Galvanising also continues to provide spark reduction properties on friction contact. This paper provides a technical overview of the attributes of Thermal Diffusion Galvanising and its relative performance compared to that of Hot Dip Galvanising. Application of Thermal Diffusion Galvanising to ground support elements is then reviewed, relating the new technology to specific product design areas and field applications.