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J. A. Rowland, Ventilation Surveys and Modelling - Execution and Suggested Outputs, 11th Underground Coal Operators' Conference, University of Wollongong & the Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy, 2011, 214-224.


The need for a pressure quantity survey is usually brought about by a lack of knowledge of the actual value of various roadway, branch and infrastructure resistances around the mine. If resistances are not known or are suspected to be erroneous then it is difficult or impossible to accurately replicate the circuit performance, on a ventilation modelling software program. The challenge for mine operators is to carefully decide what level of survey detail is required so that the appropriate adjustments can be made to an existing model or the appropriate data collected so a model can be built in the first instance. The level of survey detail required is totally dependent on the end use of the data and the criticality of the accuracy of the dataset, to the safety and viability of the business. Mine technical personnel should think clearly about the report outputs required that will help them better understand their mines and better prepare them to manage their own ventilation circuits, on an ongoing basis. Some methods of data collection and circuit analysis required for surveys up to a high order of accuracy are detailed. Some of the issues which are important when formulating a strategy to carry out the appropriate ventilation survey for the required purpose are summarised. Some details that should be furnished within any survey and some survey/report outputs and/or omissions, which are clearly not acceptable, are highlighted.