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Working Paper


This study of 'Cultural Difference and Conflict' originated as a research proposal submitted to the Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA) by the Community Justice Centres of N.S.W. (CJCs) in May 1988. The final research plan was approved for support early in January 1989.

The study is one of several social research projects, referred to as 'focused studies', commissioned by OMA in order to gather data to complement its own quantitative research and also to inform the National Agenda for a Multicultural Australia.

The methodology of the study is outlined in section 4, with an explanation of the several changes made in the original scheme as the study developed.

The CJCs acknowledge with appreciation the support provided by OMA for this study.

The study was made possible only by the active interest and support both of the staff of the CJCs and of the many mediators who took part in discussions of the issues at the beginning of the study, who collaborated in completing the questionnaire forms on mediation over a three-month period, who helped to identify the most relevant mediations during that period and who joined in discussions of the issues raised in those mediations which were examined in depth.

The authors acknowledge with appreciation the support and encouragement of the Director of CJCs, Ms Wendy Faulkes, throughout the project.