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Conference Paper

Publication Date

January 2010



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Kusumawati, A., Yanamandram, V. K. & Perera, N. (2010). Exploring Student Choice Criteria for Selecting an Indonesian Public University: A Preliminary Finding. ANZMAC 2010 Doctoral Colloquium (pp. 1-27). Christchurch, New Zealand: ANZMAC.


Like any other business institution, a higher education institution needs to understand its customer needs and wants in order to remain competitive and survive among higher education providers. Studies on student choice criteria have been carried out, but none have addressed these in Indonesia, as these criteria may be unique to Indonesia. This paper aims to explore the factors that influence student choice in the selection of an Indonesian Public University. Semi-structured and focus-groups interviews were carried out with the same cohort of 48 first-year undergraduate students in five Indonesian public universities. Preliminary results revealed 25 choice criteria for selecting a university considered by Indonesian students. The factors considered by Indonesian students namely cost, reputation, proximity, job prospect, and parents as the five most important factors. Finally, implications and recommendations are presented.