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Kotob, F., Styger, L. EJ. & Richardson, L. P. (2016). Exploring mind mapping techniques to analyse complex case study data. Australian Academy of Business and Economics Review, 2 (3), 244-262.

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Australian Academy of Business Leadership


This paper discusses using mind mapping techniques as a viable and complementary approach for analysing the complex qualitative data collected during a research project. Using a case study methodology to undertake the investigation, data collecting focused on conducting semi structured interviews with employees of the Lebanese Association of SOS Children‟s Villages. This was followed by an exploratory exercise to analyse ten of the interviews conducted by using mind mapping techniques and assess the possible suitability of the technique for conducting qualitative data analysis. The study concludes that mind mapping is a suitable technique for analysing large amounts of qualitative research data collected from face to face semi structured interviews during a research project. The themes from these interviews could be presented visually and relied upon for communicating back the findings with ease. Detailed information about the themes and sub themes noted on mind maps could be recorded on a spreadsheet. This delivers an audit trail and facilitates conducting an in depth written discussion about the findings. This research adds to the limited quality mind mapping research data to date and suggests why considering the technique as a viable and complementary approach for analysing complex qualitative data is advantageous.

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