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Wiblen, S. L., Grant, D. & Dery, K. (2010). Transitioning to a new HRIS: the reshaping of Human Resources and information technology talent. Journal of Electronic Commerce Research, 11 (4), 251-267.


The management of talent is increasingly recognised as critical to organisational performance, particularly during periods of change. This is evident in large scale change projects that are technologically based and where major changes to processes typically require shifts in skills and capability requirements. Based on a single in-depth case study, this paper presents a comprehensive exploration of an organisation's decision to transition from their proprietary stand-alone HRIS system to an integrated vendor system. The study shows how this transition ultimately led to the reshaping of the organisation's understanding of the talent requirements in both the Human Resources (HR) and information technology (IT) functions and resulted in a new approach to the management of talent. By applying a social construction of technology based approach (SCOT), we argue that it is important for those involved in the study and practice of transitioning technology to be mindful of the potential consequences for talent and talent management.