Mind the gap: infilling Stiegler's philosophico-educational approach to social innovation



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Reveley, J. & Peters, M. A. (2016). Mind the gap: infilling Stiegler’s philosophico-educational approach to social innovation. Educational Philosophy and Theory, 48 (14), 1452-1463.


According to Bernard Stiegler, social innovations in the educational field are an antidotical cure for social pathologies wrought by the digitalisation of society. This article explores how Stiegler's social pharmacology links to the human-technical co-constitution thesis that he first expounded in Technics and Time, 1. Not only do we identify in the Stieglerian corpus a lack of conceptual clarity about social innovation, but also problems in the anthropo-philosophy on which this latter work rests. Tying up the loose threads of Stiegler's philosophical tapestry is accomplished in three steps. In the first, we retrofit Stiegler with an enactivist view of cognition. The second involves precisely defining social innovation, and then pinpointing open education as a 'pure' social innovation situated on the socially curative side of Stiegler's digital ledger. The third closes the loop by identifying complementarity between enactivism and socio-educational innovation in an age of mass empowerment by means of networked computers.

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