Interdependence and communication between R&D and marketing during innovation projects



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Massey, G. & Kyriazis, E. (2013). Interdependence and communication between R&D and marketing during innovation projects. The 6th ISPIM Innovation Symposium - Innovation in the Asian Century (pp. 1-16). Manchester: The International Society for Professional Innovation Management.


Interdependence between R&D Managers and Marketing Managers in new product development (NPD) teams is inherent, though few studies have investigated its effects within such teams. Here interdependence is disaggregated into two underlying dimensions-the dependence of the R&D Manager on the Marketing Manager, and the dependence of the Marketing Manager on the R&D Manager during the project. The results suggest that interdependence is an important contextual variable within NPD projects. Moreover it is a variable that senior managers should highlight to NPD team members because it has positive effects within the NPD team. Where the R&D Manager and Marketing Manager perceive themselves to be interdependent, they engage in more frequent, and more bidirectional communication. This is important because both of these communication dimensions positively influence the quality and effectiveness of the working relationships between these two managers, which strongly predict NPD project success.

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