Evaluating the perceived fit between e-books and academic tasks



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D'Ambra, J., Wilson, C. S. & Akter, S. (2015). Evaluating the perceived fit between e-books and academic tasks. In M. Khosrow-Pour (Eds.), Encyclopedia of Information Science and Technology (pp. 2298-2307). Hershey, United States: IGI Global.


The emergence of e-books and e-reader technologies has changed the nature of publishing and the provision of books for both recreational reading and reading as part of the learning process. The implications of the use of e-books in academic settings are particularly salient as e-books present cost savings both in real terms and in relation to the acquisition, processing and management costs of libraries. As well as offering cost savings, e-readers used to store and display e-books offer significant advantages in mobility, storage and value-added functionality in terms of searching and manipulating the content.

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