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Gibbons, B., Kautz, K., Fernando, M. & Spedding, T. (2016). Interactive dynamic learning environment (IDLE). Lecture Notes in Computer Science, 9661 207-211.


The global business community requires graduates with skills and capabilities to cope with real-world interdisciplinary problems. Two key issues frequently noted are the silo disciplinary focus and the lack of exposure to responsible decision-making (RDM). IDLE (Interactive Dynamic Learning Environment) is a web-based computer simulated enterprise delivered through a systems approach broadening students' understanding of the interrelationship between corporations, society and the environment. Engagement in IDLE develops students' understanding and application of corporate social responsibility (CSR) and sustainability through the identification of business interdependencies. In IDLE, integrating systems dynamics with agile dynamic system development methods enabled the intricate multifaceted relationships of organisational decision- making that includes CSR and sustainability interrelationships to be explored. The resulting unique design ensures real organisation decision-making dynamics, while not being so complex that the interrelationships were overlooked during student engagement.

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