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Akter, S. & Fosso Wamba, S. (2016). Big data analytics in e-commerce: A systematic review and agenda for future research. Electronic Markets, 26 173-194.


There has been an increasing emphasis on big data analytics (BDA) in e-commerce in recent years. However, it remains poorly-explored as a concept, which obstructs its theoretical and practical development. This position paper explores BDA in e-commerce by drawing on a systematic review of the literature. The paper presents an interpretive framework that explores the definitional aspects, distinctive characteristics, types, business value and challenges of BDA in the e-commerce landscape. The paper also triggers broader discussions regarding future research challenges and opportunities in theory and practice. Overall, the findings of the study synthesize diverse BDA concepts (e.g., definition of big data, types, nature, business value and relevant theories) that provide deeper insights along the cross-cutting analytics applications in e-commerce.

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