Being positive: Educating for life in cognitive capitalism



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Reveley, J. (2015). Being positive: Educating for life in cognitive capitalism. Psychosociological Issues in Human Resource Management, 3 (2), 172-183.


This article analyses the complementarity between introducing into schools self-technologies spawned by positive psychology, on the one hand, and cognitive capitalism on the other. The approach taken to sketching out the lines of intersection is suggested by Besley and Peters (2007). Reflexive self-production is central to life under cognitive capitalism. At the same time, positive psychological discourse is seeping into pedagogical practice and encouraging self-work. Selftechnologies such as mindfulness meditation are inculcating in schoolchildren an emotionally reflexive stance. As a result, schools are becoming sites where subjects are acclimated to immaterial labor. This labor is cognitive capitalism's lifeblood.

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