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McCarthy, G. (2015). Coaching for responsible management. 18th Annual Irish Academy of Management Conference


The United Nations (UN) Global Compact (GC) was launched in 2000 to encourage businesses worldwide to adopt sustainable and responsible management. It now has over 12,000 participants https://www.unglobalcompact.org/ParticipantsAndStakeholders/index.html . In 2007, the UN launched the Principles of Responsible Management Education (PRME) to inspire responsible management education and research. Over 500 business schools and management-related academic institutions are signatories to PRME http://www.unprme.org/participants/ . However, many practising managers were not exposed to these principles when they went through university. To ensure that managers pay more than lip service to the Global Compact principles, such as being opposed to child labour and corruption, managers need time to think through the principles and how to apply them in their contexts. There is an opportunity for coaches, mentors and others involved in leadership development to enable managers to genuinely engage with the principles of responsible management and commit to implementing responsible management practices. This paper makes the case for coaching to be a part of such an initiative, exploring the literature related to coaching for change and reporting on a small pilot study of the views of coordinators of graduate coaching programs as to whether coaching could make a useful contribution. The paper concludes that academics and practitioners could and should collaborate to develop knowledge, resources, models, skills and methods to coach their clients to engage with and implement the UN Global Compact principles, and to validate the effectiveness of this coaching approach through empirical research

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