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Chad, P. A. (2014). Implementing corporate rebranding: Mis-understood by practitioners. In S. Rundle-Thiele, K. Kubacki & D. Arli (Eds.), ANZMAC 2014 Proceedings (pp. 193-193). Australia: ANZMAC.


Corporate rebranding is a crucial but academically under-researched organisational activity. The purpose of this paper is to examine, via case study, the rebranding process and subsequently identify key managerial learnings. Within an organisation that recently conducted a rebranding, in-depth interviews with employees from all organisational levels and functions were utilised to ascertain the actual step-by-step process utilised to rebrand. Aspects of the process that worked smoothly, and problems encountered were identified. Findings highlight the generally infrequent nature of rebranding results in employees having little if any previous rebranding experience upon which to draw. External consultants with appropriate rebranding knowledge should be utilised. Issues of gaining employee buy-in, coupled with relevant levels of employee involvement in the rebranding process are identified. The paper contributes numerous practical insights into exactly how successful corporate rebranding should be conducted, and pitfalls to avoid, providing managers key learnings to assist conduct of future rebranding exercises.

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