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Moerman, L. & van der Laan, S. (2015). Toxic products and hazardous waste: The global asbestos issue. In D. Dr D Crowther & M. Azizul. Islam (Eds.), Sustainability after Rio (pp. 103-120). Bingley, UK: Emerald Group Publishing Limited.


This chapter considers the toxic chemical asbestos as a salient example of the ever-widening gap in achieving the paradoxical aspirations of ensuring a high-quality environment and a healthy economy espoused in the Agenda 21 principles arising from the Earth Summit in 1992. In particular, this chapter reviews the scrutiny proposed around the production of toxic components and the disposal of poisonous and hazardous wastes. Despite an increase in global regulation, the elimination of asbestos mining, production and disposal of waste has not been achieved globally. We consider the various non-government and supranational organisations that provide commentary and responses to the global asbestos issue, as well as, a sample of key campaigns and corporate exemplars to highlight issues of governance and risk.

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