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Samarasinghe, G. D., Wickramasinghe, A., Gamage, H. R. & Abeysekera, N. (2015). Green intraprenurial flexibility towards sustaining competitive advantage: A case of South Asian context. Academy of Taiwan Business Management Revie, 11 (3), 132-141.


This study explores how green based intrapreneurial flexibility affects sustainable business performance of the Sri Lankan hotel industry. A survey was administered to a random sample of senior managers of hotels in Sri Lanka. Linear regression analysis revealed a significant path coefficient which explained green based intrapreneurial flexibility positively influenced sustainable competitive advantage. The findings suggest that hotel industry policy makers develop green specific intrapreneurial capabilities so that they can quickly adapt their green based product and service offerings in responding to changes of the green market requirements by focusing on green based new venture creation, green innovation, green related self-renewal exercises, and eco-friendly proactive decision making in order to sustain their competitive advantage from green initiatives.

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