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Plumb, M. & Kautz, K. (2015). Barriers to the integration of information technology within early childhood education and care organisations: A review of the literature. Australasian Conference on Information Systems (pp. 1-14).


Employees of early childhood education and care (ECEC) organisations may experience a wide range of barriers as they attempt to integrate information technology (IT) into their work practices. However, studies within the ECEC organisational literature which attempt to identify and understand these barriers are scant. This literature review is the first to present consolidated findings from the body of knowledge on barriers to the integration of IT within ECEC organisations. In addition to highlighting limitations and gaps in the literature, it proposes a tri-perspective framework to provide for future research to develop a deeper understanding of not only what barriers exist but also how they interrelate and shape the IT integration process and the work practices of ECEC organisational employees.

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