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Jayanthakumaran, K. (1997). Trade reform and industrial performance: a survey. Indian Economic Journal, 44 (3), 170-180.


Under structural adjustment programme trade liberalization has been given a prominent role with.the expectation that it would promote exports and productivity. along the. line. of comparative advantages; also it would reduce monopolistic cond.Ittons m the domestic markets and reduce the rice markups. Number of hteratures attempt to test the reform induced p ~ across industr'es. d I . perj_ormance l 't I m eve opmg countries. This paper examines the available t f eratdu re for .t he purpose of ex p lo n·n g some general conclust· ons on this field 0 stu,/' A ~~nk bet~~en tra.de policy and industrial performance is discussed n:xt. econ y, empmcal evidence based on developing countries are reviewed Fmally, the lessons drawn from the literature are focused. I

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