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Fosso Wamba, S., Akter, S., Coltman, T. & Ngai, E. W. T. (2015). Guest editorial: information technology-enabled supply chain management. Production Planning and Control, 26 (12), 933-944.


It is widely accepted that advances in information technology (IT) will generate new opportunities when suppliers, business partners and customers work together to co-create and co-produce value. However, results from prior studies show that the mere possession of IT is unlikely to generate business value. Rather, IT creates value when information - frequently produced by IT infrastructure - is used to support complementary organizational and human resources. Still, the hypothesis that greater investment in IT will generate business value requires caution. The focus of this special issue is to extend our understanding of how firms in a supply chain create and capture business value with IT. Also, a review is provided of the IT business value literature in the journal Production Planning & Control: The Management of Operations. This literature is grouped into three types of business value: transactional, strategic, and transformational. The review justifies the importance of this special issue by highlighting the dearth of research on the topic in this journal. Lastly, future research directions are provided and this introduction concludes with a guide to the papers in this special issue.

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