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Ma, S., Naughton, T. & Tian, G. (2010). The ownership and ownership concentration? The impact on the performance of China's firms. 17th Annual Conference of the Multinational Finance Society (pp. 59-59). Multinational Finance Society.


This paper investigates the impact of ownership and ownership concentration on the performance of China's listed firms. By recognizing the differences between ownership and ownership concentration, and between total ownership concentration and tradable ownership concentration, we find that ownership concentration is more powerful than any category of ownership in determining firm performance and that it has approximately positive linear relations with firm value. The tradable ownership concentration has a more significant and positive influence on firm performance than total ownership concentration. The highest level of firm performance is approached when a firm is characterized with both total ownership concentration and tradable ownership concentration. Thus, we conclude that it is a rule that ownership concentration enhances firm performance regardless of who the concentrated owners are.

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