Behind the icons: what matters when culture, economy and place collide



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Savage, S., Garrett-Jones, S. & Sheridan, L. (2012). Behind the icons: what matters when culture, economy and place collide. In P. Dalziel (Eds.), Refereed Proceedings of the Australian and New Zealand Regional Science Association International (ANZRSAI) Conference (pp. 233-246). Canterbury, New Zealand: AERU Research Unit.


This paper focuses on data collected from sites that have been identified through literature as cities that have utilised cultural industries as a means to create economic development, increased tourism and a 'better place to live'. Community values and the impact of cultural/creative industries on a community are discussed and it will reveal key links and outcomes of interviews from local government practitioners and institution managers from Spain and Canada. The scoping research contributes to the understanding of city revitalisation strategy through culture and arts and the impact of Local Government Authorities around the influence of cultural industries on a place. It directly contributes to: the practices undertaken by Councils; the influence of Council policies and procedures on institutions; tools, procedures, activities utilised as public organisations to consult with their community to make decisions; and how these improve the amenity of the city.

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