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Hajibaba, H., Gretzel, U., Leisch, F. & Dolnicar, S. (2015). Crisis-resistant tourists. Annals of Tourism Research, 53 46-60.


Despite the negative impact of unexpected events-such as 9/11 and the Global Financial Crisis-on the tourism industry, and despite substantial research into managing crises in tourism, little is known about tourists who are most needed in such situations: crisis-resistant tourists. In this study, crisis-resistant tourists are defined and theoretically conceptualized. Empirical results indicate that segments of tourists resistant to external or internal crisis events indeed exist and-as theoretically postulated-demonstrate higher levels of risk propensity and resistance to change. In contrast, risk shifting is not associated with being a crisis-resistant tourist. An initial profile of crisis-resistant tourists is provided, offering guidance to the tourism industry on how to identify and communicate with this highly attractive market segment.

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ARC/DP110101347, ARC/DP120103352

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