Towards a Northeast China model?



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Cheng, Z. & Wang, M. (2014). Towards a Northeast China model?. Old Industrial Cities Seeking New Road of Industrialization: Models of Revitalizing Northeast China (pp. 205-209). Singapore: World Scientific.

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World Scientific


[extract] The cities of Northeast China had two major problems to overcome during their economic development and transition period: the prospect of becoming ghost towns and the economic and social burden of that the dysfunctional state-owned enterprises (SOEs) had placed on the cities. Over the last decade, through the implementation of various different policy changes not only have the major cities not become ghost towns, they have all managed to survive, revitalize, and further develop their local economies. After more than two decades since the start of the opening-up reform the "planning mentality" inherited from the Mao era has almost faded away, and the market mentality is now more prevalent and is having a greater influence on economic decision making. When the NCRP was first introduced in the early 2000s, there was little resistance or dissidence to the implementation of increasingly market-oriented economic practices. The NCRP has been viewed as a positive development and a good opportunity for the local economy to develop. Big demonstrations by laidoff workers have been relatively rare since the early 2000s.

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