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Rossiter, J. R., Dolnicar, S. & Grun, B. (2015). Why the level-free forced-choice binary measure of brand benefit beliefs works so well. International Journal of Market Research, 57 (2), 239-256.


The level-free version of the Forced-Choice Binary measure of brand benefit beliefs was introduced in a recent article in IJMR (Dolnicar et al. 2012) and was shown to yield more stable - hence more reliable and trustworthy - results than the shorter 'Pick-Any' measure and the longer '7-Point Scale' measure. The aims of the present article are (1) to explain how and why the Level-Free Forced- Choice Binary measure works so well, and (2) to point out its advantages over other belief measure formats - advantages that, importantly, include prevention of all forms of response bias.

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ARC/DP0557257, ARC/DP0878423, ARC/LX0559628, ARC/LX0881890, ARC/DP110101347

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