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Queiroz, M. J. & Coltman, T. (2014). Reorienting the information systems function to support increasing levels of business service. International Conference on Information Systems (pp. 1-19). New Zealand: University of Auckland.

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International Conference on Information Systems


Business scholars and practitioners are becoming increasingly aware of the opportunities that exist when service is added to traditional product offerings. However, the literature has not previously explored the question of how the IS function is responding to greater emphasis on service. In this paper, we employ a multi-case research design to investigate the role of the IS function in supporting increasing levels of service. Our study contributes to the literature by showing that differences in IS service orientation and collaborative capabilities affect the ability of firms to support service. The implications for IS and managerial practice are discussed by linking the overarching premises in service-dominant logic with the core elements of IT-enabled organizational transformation.

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