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B. Fredericks, K. Clapham, R. Bainbridge, L. Collard, M. Adams, D. Bessarab, C. Andersen, D. Duthie, R. Ball, M. Thompson (Longbottom) & C. Daniels, "'Ngulluck Katitj Wah Koorl Koorliny / Us mob going along learning to research together': Drawing on action research to develop a literature review on Indigenous gendered health and wellbeing", Action Learning Action Research Journal 20 2 (2014) 89-113.

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Action Learning Action Research Journal


This paper describes the collaborative work practices of the Health and Wellbeing Node within the National Indigenous Research and Knowledges Network (NIRAKN). The authors reflect on the processes they used to research and develop a literature review. As a newly established research team, the Health and Wellbeing Node members developed a collaborative approach that was informed by action research practices and underpinned by Indigenous ways of working. The authors identify strong links between action research and Indigenous processes. They suggest that, through ongoing cycles of research and review, the NIRAKN Health and Wellbeing Node developed a culturally safe, respectful and truly collaborative way of working together and forming the identity of their work group. In this paper, they describe their developing work processes and explain the way that pictorial conceptual models contributed to their emerging ideas.

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