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Hannif, Z. Nadiyah. & Fernando, M. (2008). Connectedness in work relationships and quality of working life: evidence from Australian call centres. In M. Wilson (Eds.), Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management Conference (pp. 1-15). Auckland, New Zealand: University of Auckland Business School.


Although empirical studies examine how employees perceive their relationships with their coworkers, these studies fail to explain how the quality and strength of co-worker relationships determine the workers' overall quality of working life. Drawing from the growing workplace spirituality literature identifying connectedness at work as a key attribute of strong co-worker relationships and well being, in this paper, we examine the place of connectedness in the quality of co-worker relationships in two Australian call centres. Using the case study approach, we draw similarities and differences between two Australian call centres. Two quite different approaches to people management are found alongside two different outcomes of quality of co-worker relationships and quality of working life.

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