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Van Der Meer, R. & Sinnappan, S. (2008). Categorisation of knowledge management processes in the development of sustainable enterprises. Proceedings of the 11th Australian Conference on Knowledge Management and Intelligent Decision Support (pp. 1-12). Ballarat, Australia: University of Ballarat.


Sustainable development is a growing area of interest in organisations. Particularly those that have large energy demands for processing, use dwindling raw materials or produce a great deal of waste through production. Knowing those processes that can contribute to making an organisation more sustainable provides a great advantage both in terms of project implementation success and in measurable Triple Bottom Line returns. In previous research we identified that many of the Information Technology processes used to assist organisations in developing sustainable practices were more clearly suited as Knowledge Management processes (Van Der Meer and Sinnappan, 2008), however less empirical study has been done to categorise them meaningfully. In this study we have taken these Knowledge Management processes and categorised them according to the sustainable development practice where we identify they can be of service based on Waage et al. (2003). Through this we are hoping to develop a framework for organisations to determine what Knowledge Management processes are needed to achieve the particular sustainable development. We may also be able to judge what steps an organisation needs to take to develop further sustainable practices in other areas. Development of a framework for knowledge management tools in sustainable development would assist industries in determining the best processes for these sustainable projects. This framework also contributes to the body of knowledge on sustainable development and Information Technology.

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