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Deng, Y. (2014). Ecological modernization and the role of environmental accounting: a study of Chinese automobile company. Critical Perspectives on Accounting Conference (pp. 1-20). Toronto, Canada: York University.

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The globalised economy has changed the face of environmentalism and its application in Accounting. The transformation turned the companies to treat the environmental issues from operating problems to business opportunities. While the multinational corporations start to expand to the emerging market, the problems and issues are also coming along with the expansion. In this scenario, Chinese manufacturing industry plays prominent role. The uniqueness of State-owned-Enterprises (SOEs) has greatly transformed the ecological modernization into their practices in terms of mass production and management control. The agencies are considered as the reflexivity to the government using discursive formation to convince the public about the effectiveness of system. This paper aims to examine the environmental accounting practices of a major Chinese automobile company, Dongfeng Motor Corporation, in the light of recent environmental reforms in china brought about by ecological modernization ideas. The results of the analysis reveal that while the government has taken steps to improve good environmental practices in Auto industry through reforms, automobile manufacturers have developed their practices following Global Reporting Initiative. However, the study finds room for further improvement and emphasise the need for examining endogenous factors related to the effectiveness of environmental accounting to improve quality the standards and regulations.

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