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Leitch, S. (1999). From logo-centrism to corporate branding?: The (r)evolution in organisational identity. Australian Journal of Communication, 26 (3), 1-8.


When the archaeologists of the next millennium dig down into the landfills of the past 100 yeors, in between the mountains of perfectly preserved disposable diapers and other detritus of our instant civilisation, they will find mounds of unused business cards, envelopes, and letter- heads. These costly rejects of corporate revamps litter the last decade of the millennium as the fall-out of countless restructuring exercises. It is not surprising that cynicism about the point of 011 this frenetic activity is widespread. Consultants grow fatter as corporations get leaner and meaner (but with mare up-market typefaces). In this paper, I explore the various historical phases of organisational identity work and conside( what direction it might take in the future.

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