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Hasan, H., Molla, A. & Cooper, V. (2014). A Green IS taxonomy. In H. Hasan (Eds.), Being Practical with Theory: A Window into Business Research (pp. 98-107). Wollongong, Australia: THEORI. http://eurekaconnection.files.wordpress.com/2014/02/p-98-107-a-green-is-taxonomy-theori-ebook_finaljan2014-v3.pdf

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As a specialisation within the field of Information Systems (IS), Green IS encapsulates the responsibility of IS researchers and practitioners towards environmentally sustainable development. There is a growing community of IS scholars who are accepting this responsibility and creating an emerging body of Green IS knowledge over a disparate range of topics. Drawing on the emerging Green IS literature, we propose the following set of 11 categories as a taxonomy of Green IS in an endeavour to stimulate efforts to determine the scope and content of the field.

• Creating, Managing and Using Information;
• Supporting and Transforming Human Enterprises;
• Decision Support for Environmentally Sustainable Development;
• Green Information Systems Development (ISD);
• Changing Attitudes and Behaviours;
• Resource Informatics;
• Meeting and Collaborating Virtually: Reducing the need to Travel;
• The Greening of IT;
• The Connection of Environmental Responsibility to Economic and Social Imperatives;
• Education: Including Green IS in the Curriculum;
• Research: Stimulating Innovative Green IS Research.

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