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Akter, S., D'Ambra, J., Ray, P. & Hani, U. (2013). Modelling the impact of mHealth service quality on satisfaction, continuance and quality of life. Behaviour and Information Technology, OnlineFirst 1-17.


Understanding the impact of service quality on economic and social outcomes is critical to extend the focus of IT service research. This study evaluates the impact of quality on both these dimensions in mHealth using a cross disciplinary approach. The conceptual model is rooted in the traditional cognition-affective-conation chain but explicitly incorporates convenience, confidence, cooperation, care and concern as the primary dimensions of mHealth quality. The model is validated in the context of a business-to-consumer mHealth services using partial least squares path modelling. The results confirm that service quality has both direct and indirect impact on continuance intentions (i.e. economic outcome) and quality of life (i.e. social outcome). In this relationship, satisfaction plays the key mediating role, whereas service quality does not have any moderating effect. Research implications point to scale and sustain this new healthcare paradigm by linking service quality to satisfaction, continuance intentions and quality of life.

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