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Jebeile, S. & Reeve, R. (2007). Explaining Intention to Use an Information Technology Innovation: an empirical comparison of the perceived characteristics of innovating and technology acceptance. Australasian Journal of Information Systems, 15 (1), 137-152.


This study examines the issue of technology acceptance in a multi-campus secondary college in Sydney, Australia. Seventy-five teachers across two campuses were surveyed as to their perceptions regarding technology acceptance. Regression analysis was used to compare the explanatory power of the perceived characteristics of innovating model (PCIM), and the technology acceptance model (TAM). Both models explained a substantial amount of variation in technology acceptance. However, our findings suggest that it is preferable to use the PCIM, rather than the TAM, to explain intention to use an information technology innovation. Implications for both future research and practice are discussed.

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