Corporate rebranding : a discourse transformation perspective



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Chad, P. A. (2013). Corporate rebranding : a discourse transformation perspective. ANZMAC 2013 Conference Proceedings New Zealand: University of Auckland.

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ANZMAC Conference


The dynamic business environment makes corporate rebranding likely during the lifecycle of an organisation. If not conducted correctly, rebranding can have catastrophic results and undo years of previous brand development. The corporate rebranding process is under-researched, particularly regarding what works best in practice. This paper examines the actual rebranding activity within an organisation from a change management perspective utilising a novel discourse transformation lens. Key issues identified include need for thorough background research, gaining buy-in and subsequent involvement of employees throughout rebrand development and implementation. The paper contributes practical insights into exactly how successful corporate rebranding can be conducted, offering managers learnings to assist conduct of their future rebranding exercises. The research also supports the principles of rebranding developed by Merrilees and Miller (2008) and extends these principles to a new context. A discourse transformation framework has never previously been utilised to examine rebranding and is thus a significant contribution.

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