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Hardy, A., Gretzel, U. & Wickham, M. (2013). Neglected stakeholder groups: a case study of Recreational Vehicle Users in Tasmania. Proceedings of the 27th Australian and New Zealand Academy of Management Conference: Interactive Papers (pp. 1-12). Australia: ANZAM.


Traditional stakeholder mapping tools have concentrated on the identification of issues such as power, urgency and predictability of stakeholder groups. Yet they do not sufficiently address the ability of neglected stakeholder groups to communicate, gain and use their power when issues affecting them arise, suggesting that traditional approaches have to be updated to accommodate suddenly emerging stakeholder groups. This paper uses the case study of Recreational Vehicle Users in Tasmania, Australia, to explore the issue. In doing so it illustrates the risks of ignoring these groups, particularly when developing public policy. The paper proposes a more iterative and consultative approach to stakeholder mapping which seeks to strike a balance between normative and classical approaches.

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